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Useful Public Service/Community Service


Defendants are Court ordered to complete hours of Useful Public Service (Community Service) at the time of sentencing.  The purpose of Useful Public Service is to turn a conviction into a “donation” of time and energy and to provide a positive experience for both the client and the community they reside in.  Clients will have an extensive list of 501c3 non-profits to choose from in La Plata County to fulfill this requirement.  Useful Public Service clients are also able to complete their required hours at any 501c3 non-profit in their home county or state if they reside outside of La Plata County. The only pre-requisite for Useful Public Service is the client contacts this office and registers prior to beginning any of their Useful Public Service hours. 

Important information when signing up for Useful Public Service

Please complete the attached packet and return along with a copy of your SENTENCING ORDER / MITTIMUS, any extensions you may have obtained for completion of your UPS, and a photo ID by either e-mail (UsefulPublicService@co.laplata.co.us) or fax, 970-375-2347 (PLEASE ONLY USE BLACK INK TO FILL OUT YOUR FORM!).

After sending these items, please contact me to arrange payment of the $120 fee over the phone by credit/debit card to complete your registration, 970-382-7067. You ARE NOT REGISTERED until payment has been made and ANY HOURS COMPLETED PRIOR TO REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. It is up to you to call and complete your registration once you have turned in all of the required paperwork.

Useful Public Service application packet - printable version

Useful Public Service application packet - fillable .pdf version