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Pre-Trial Services

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Defendants are assigned to Pre-Trial supervision at the courts discretion.  Supervision may consist of any of the following: daily contact, weekly contact, electronic home monitoring (may include alcohol monitoring, GPS tracking, or both) and/or alcohol/illegal substance monitoring by an outside approved testing facility.  The purpose of any monitoring is to ensure compliance with bond conditions set by the Court, and to reduce the failure to comply rate.  Defendants are required to pay monthly supervision costs while assigned to the Pre-Trial Services program.

Pre-Trial Services Application 
Pre-Trial Services Rules

If you have been assigned to Pre-Trial Services by the court, please fill out the application at the link above and bring it to the Pre-Trial Office to complete enrollment.  A case officer will meet with you and go over the rules of the program.

The Pre-Trial Services office is located at: 
742 Turner Drive  (MAP)
Durango, CO  81303