tamarisk1_smSaltcedar,also tamarisk, was introduced from Eurasia and is now widespread in theUnited States. Saltcedar, a member of the Tamarisk family, is adeciduous or evergreen shrub or small tree that grows from 5 to 20 feettall. The bark on saplings and stems is reddish-brown. Leaves are smalland scale-like and the flowers are pink to white and 5-petalled.

Small flower tamarisk (T. paviflora DC.) is similar in appearance,but has 4-petalled flowers and the bark is brown to deep purple.

Both species are used as ornamentals, but have escaped and can befound growing along streams, canals, and reservoirs in much of thewestern United States.

For more info and how to control, check out the La Plata County Weeds Dept. Fact Sheet


tamarisk                           tammy_branch

Notice the long tap roots of the water sucking Tamarisk