Oxeye Daisy

oxeye1Oxeye daisy, a member of the Sunflower family, is an erect perennial plant with white ray and yellow disk flowers, which bloom from June through August. A native of Eurasia, this aggressive plant has escaped cultivation and became a troublesome weed in the Inter-mountain West. It can be found from 5000 ft. up to 12000 ft. elev. Oxeye daisy is still commonly sold in wildflower seed mixes or transplanted as an ornamental despite its tendency to crowd out more desirable vegetation. This plant is designated as a noxious weed in the state of Wyoming and Colorado. Alternatives to planting Oxeye daisy include: native daises (Erigeron spp), Black-eyed Susan (Rubbeckia hirta), and Blanket Flower (Gaillardia aristata). Oxeye daisy is spreading and reducing forage on summer mountain ranges for sheep, cattle and elk. Grazing animals do not eat this weed. 

Oxeye can be hand pulled or shoveled if one has the time and energy for it.  Find out more about manual removal here. 

If you have this noxious plant in your area, help spread the word and print our Oxeye daisy poster.  Post it in a public area or share it with neighbors.

Oxeye daisy Fact/Info Sheet (PDF) Click Here

oxeye_leaves  oxeye_field