Orange Hawkweed

orangehawkweed1_sm_000A member of the Sunflower family, Orange hawkweed is a fibrous rooted perennial herb that grows up to twelve inches tall. The leaves are basal with one or two small leaves occasionally occurring on the bristly stem. The plant contains a milky juice. It has 5 to 35 flower heads. The strap-shaped flowers are red-orange with notched tips.

Yellow hawkweed(Hieracium pratense) is similar in appearance to Orange hawkweed, only more aggressive. Orange hawkweed has been found in Jefferson County and nearby locations. The epicenter for both Orange and Yellow hawkweed invasion is in Northern Idaho. These two weeds will prosper wherever Oxeye daisy grows and both spread at a very rapid rate, similar to Oxeye daisy. This plant spreads by three methods: windborne seeds (similar to dandelions), below ground rhizomes (horizontal roots) and above ground stolon's (runners).