Adopt a county road - important links and information

Please watch the Linked Safety Videos  You must submit the Release of Liability form to Recy by email before the clean up.
  1. Notify the Sheriff - Dispatch 970-385-2900, or 911 immediately in case of emergency.
  2. Participants should meet at a designated area outside their cleanup area to review these procedures before the cleanup begins. Group Coordinators are responsible for ensuring compliance with these procedures. Group Coordinators are responsible for reviewing these procedures with participants.
  3. Always wear furnished orange safety vests. This vest is to provide motorists with the ability to see the participants and is necessary for the participant safety.
  4. PLEASE STAY OFF the roadway! The participant needs to be off the pavement and in the shoulder area for maximum safety. Divide into two groups to patrol both sides of the road at one time to minimize having to cross the roadway.
  5. Groups with participants younger than 16 years old must be supervised by adults 18 years or older (one adult for every five participants under the age of 16). All participants MUST be at least 12 years of age. In order to avoid a dangerous situation, children must be supervised by an adult.
  6. Pets are not allowed, please leave them at home.
  7. Park vehicles away from the area to be cleaned. Vehicles parked along the roadside can cause participants to walk in the roadway, creating a dangerous situation. Carpooling is an effective way to reduce the number of vehicles at the site and also conserves energy while minimizing pollution. Park as far off the road as possible.
  8. Observe all pedestrian laws and safety practices. This includes but is not limited to: facing oncoming traffic when walking along shoulders; looking both directions before crossing; crossing at corners where possible, etc. Stay away from construction sites, county maintenance activities, bridges, ramps and intersections. Cleanup activities should be performed off the roadway only.  Do not perform cleanup activities in the roadway itself. Appoint a spotter to observe traffic conditions when working near roadway or narrow shoulder. Remember, this is for your protection.
  9. Keep filled trash bags off of pavement in shoulder area. Large items such as tires, lumber or other items that will not fit into the trash bags should be placed alongside of the road.  Please do not put these items on the paved surface. Call or email Recy at 970-382-6413 or by email if an item is too big for you to dispose of.
  10. Please be courteous to drivers. Never distract motorists with horseplay or abrupt, erratic movements. If a situation arises where a motorist is creating problems for the cleanup operation, call the Sheriff immediately (Dispatch) 970-385-2900.  Do NOT take the law into your own hands.
  11. Dress appropriately for the weather and take necessary precautions.  Clothing, proper shoes, water and sunblock help protect from the elements and keep participants safe and healthy.  Wearing gloves is strongly recommended.
  12. Large groups should be divided into teams of 12 or fewer participants.
  13. Trash pickup shall be performed ONLY during daylight hours and in good weather conditions.  Avoid peak traffic hours and abandon activity in the event weather turns inclement during cleanup.
  14. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited at all times.
  15. Participants should avoid potentially dangerous/hazardous materials or any object found in the right-of- way that appears to be of questionable nature.  Such items include dead batteries, animal carcasses, syringes, discarded condoms and containers with unknown substances within.  These items should be reported to the Road & Bridge Division personnel for removal by staff.