Durango Hills Road Improvement District (DHRID) FAQs

What is the DHRID?

DHRID is a county tax district where property owners within the district pay property taxes for the sole purpose of road maintenance and snow removal within the district.

Why was the DHRID formed?

 To provide an effective method for maintenance and snow removal for residents of the subdivision.

What is the boundary of the DHRID?

See map of roads within the Durango Hills subdivision.

Why isn't my road maintained or plowed by the DHRID if my address falls within the district boundary?

Per county resolution 1997-21, there are two different categories of roads within the district that receive differing levels of attention.
Priority roads, marked in Blue on the map on the home page, is where maintenance funds must first be spent. If there are residual funds left
over after attending to the priority roads, secondary roads "may be" maintained at the Advisory Committee's discretion. Given the insufficient
funds currently being generated by the district's property tax to cover priority roads, little to no maintenance has been possible on secondary roads.

Who determines when the roads get plowed?

A committee member calls the contractor when the snow depth requires plowing. Snow is usually removed by 7 AM or 5 PM daily.

What is the speed limit on DHRID roads?

15-20 miles per hour.

Who is responsible for cleaning driveway culverts within the district?

Each individual property owner

How can I help maintain DHRID roads?

Drive at or under the speed limit. Also, engage 4WD, especially driving uphill and even when the roads are dry. The faster vehicles drive on our roads, the quicker the washboards form, especially in the switchbacks and steep grades.