The LPCPHD Immunization Clinic provides routine immunizations for children and adults.

  • Routine child immunizations for those eligible for Vaccines For Children program (see criteria below)
  • Routine adult immunizations
  • COVID, flu and RSV immunizations
  • Travel vaccine visits and immunizations
The clinic is a Vaccines for Children program that is federally funded to provide vaccinations to children. There is a $21.68 administration fee per vaccine, though vaccines are provided regardless of ability to pay. Children ages 0 through 18 years may qualify based on these criteria:

  • Health First Colorado (Medicaid) eligible
  • Native American/Native Alaskan
  • No health insurance coverage
  • Underinsured (health insurance does not cover vaccine services or there is a vaccine cap)
Please note that we are unable to provide vaccinations for children with private insurance (with the exception of Medicaid), these immunizations are available at pediatrician offices as well as retail pharmacies. 

Adults may also be eligible for low-cost vaccines through the Section 317 Grants and Bridging Access Programs if they are underinsured or uninsured. For those eligible, there is no cost for the vaccine itself; however, there is an administrative charge of $21.68 per vaccine given. 

We accept credit cards, cash, or checks. Please note at this time we are unable to bill private insurance for vaccinations, and encourage children and adults with private insurance to call their primary care provider (PCP) or a retail pharmacy. 

Recommendations for the COVID-19 vaccines are updated regularly. View COVID vaccine information.
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