LPC Public Health FAQs

Why is La Plata County creating its own health department when we've had San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) for more than 70 years?

Will the County Commissioners now have decision-making authority for public health?

What will happen to the programs and services we now receive through SJBPH?

How can La Plata County residents stay up-to-date with that process?

What's this going to cost us taxpayers?

Who will be responsible for transitioning each program to the new health department?  When is that happening? 

What does hiring/transition look like for current SJBPH staff? 

What is the process for hiring a Public Health Director?

If a staff person leaves SJBPH and is hired by the new La Plata County Public Health department, how will retirement vesting occur in La Plata County? 

If a person leaves SJBPH and is hired into a similar job within La Plata County health department, will the job have at least the same wage as they currently earn at SJBPH? 

What does PTO accrual look like at La Plata County? 

If a SJBPH employee is hired by the La Plata County health department, can they bring their vacation balance?

If a SJBPH employee is hired by the La Plata County health department, will their sick leave bank transfer over? 

Will the new public health department be housed in the same building? 

Will LPC have a policy in place to extend FMLA-benefits to SJBPH staff in their first year of employment with LPC?

Do LPC employees need to have a valid driver's license to be eligible for employment?  Do you review a candidate's driving record in the screening process?

What is the waiting period for healthcare benefits for SJBPH employees who are hired by LPC?

What factors will LPC take into account when determining placement on pay scale for each new public health department employee from SJBPH?

My understanding is that LPC has decided not to honor the tenure of SJBPH employees who choose to work for the LPC PH department.  Is that correct?

What is your vision for job sharing as SJBPH staff are hired (or provided an offer letter) for the LPC PH department?

These FAQs will be updated as more information becomes available.  (last update 07-21-23)