2023 Adopted Budget
Cover Page

The 2023 Adopted Budget represents the County’s overall financial plan for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2023 This budget has been prepared in compliance with all applicable Colorado state statutes, generally accepted accounting principles and the county’s budgetary and financial policies.

La Plata County’s 2023 budget has been developed collaboratively working with county staff members, department heads, and elected officials. The budget is in compliance with the Colorado Budget Law, C.R.S. § 29-1-103, and is a balanced budget as defined by the Colorado Budget Law: Expenditures are no more than available revenues and beginning fund balance by each respective county fund.

​La Plata County’s 2023 budget represents the spending plan for the year beginning January 1. Staff has employed a pragmatic approach to developing this budget with a focus on investing in efforts that further the county’s strategic goals and the program priorities set by the Board of County Commissioners. This budget represents the county’s fiscal reality: one that reflects a diverse and growing economy recovered from the Great Recession, while also remaining committed to cost-containment and careful use of limited resources to invest in the community’s health, safety and welfare. The 2023 budget was developed from the diligence and commitment demonstrated by elected officials and staff in each La Plata County department, and we are proud of the result. The 2023 budget before you exemplifies the dedication that La Plata County government has to serve the citizens of our community while building public trust through sound fiscal stewardship.