Bear Trash Ordinance

In 2008, the Board adopted Ordinance No. 0-2008-01 regarding waste disposal in unincorporated La Plata County to to protect the public health and welfare by either requiring the use of secured and wild life-proof trash containers or restricting the times and dates in which residents or other property owners or users may leave unattended and unsecured trash, rubbish and refuse containers in the open and along rights-of-way within the unincorporated territory of La Plata County and on La Plata County controlled lands.

Bears, mountain lions, skunks, raccoons, magpies, crows, foxes, and coyotes are a few of the wildlife species living in close proximity to people in La Plata County. Unsecured and unattended trash containers that are left in the open for extended periods of time are a strong attractant for wildlife and a primary cause of conflicts between wildlife and people. 

Pursuant to C.R.S. § 30-15-402(1), any person who or entity that violates this ordinance shall be guilty of a class 2 petty offense, punishable as follows:

i.  A fine not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200) for a first Notice of Violation.

ii.  A fine not exceeding three hundred dollars ($300) for the second Notice of Violation.

iii.  A fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) for each additional Notice of Violation.

This Ordinance shall apply throughout the unincorporated areas of La Plata County over which the County has jurisdiction all year round.