Decreasing Wildfire Risk - La Plata County Projects

Colorado Legislature passed SB21-258 to provide wildfire mitigation funding to protect life, property and infrastructure. The Colorado Strategic Wildfire Action Plan (COSWAP) was created to administer the funds via Colorado Department of Natural Resources.  
The first grant project that La Plata County will be implementing is State Wildland Inmate Fire Teams (SWIFT) starting the summer 2022.  A Department of Corrections (DOC) SWIFT crew will spend 10 weeks in La Plata County improve safety of evacuation routes throughout the county and clear wildfire fuel from county right-of-ways.  Crews may be working in your part of the county.  
View the MAP to see where mitigation will occur near you! For interactive map click here.  Motorists are encouraged to drive slowly along roadways as they are being treated.  (Map was created by Mountain Studies Institute).map

Crews will remove fuel by hand-thinning, limbing trees, clearing of brush, and some mechanical treatments.  Wood and biomass materials will be donated.  Any wood that is usable for firewood will be left along the roadside for pickup by residents.  

For additional information about what La Plata County is doing to reduce wildfire risk in the county, please call Alison in Emergency Management at 970-382-6291.