Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Funding (WIIN): Florida River Wildfire Reduction Project

epa_logo_blue1This cooperative project has been funded by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), made possible through a grant that CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment) is distributing for ecosystem management and forest restoration to reduce impacts to the San Juan Basin, mainly, Florida Watershed. Funding prioritizes lives and property, drinking water supply and quality, and forest-watershed values. 

Want to learn more? Attend a public meeting to learn about how grant funding will work.
Tuesday, April 18th at 5:30 pm.
Where: La Plata County Fair Grounds in the Lightener Room, 2500 Main Ave. Durango
Or online on Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/7481294136?pwd=M0RtSzFKY040U1Bac2p5ZjBSclZuZz09
Following the meeting, the recording will be available online.
Monday, May 1st at 5:30 pm.
Where: Upper Pine River Fire Protection District Admin Office, 515 Sower Dr. Bayfield.
This meeting will be in-person only and will not have a zoom option.
See event flyer here

Funds are available to private landowners within in the mapped program area who complete a free home wildfire risk assessment and hire a contractor to complete wildfire mitigation on their parcel. Once mitigation is completed, the program may reimburse the homeowner up to 50% of the project. * fulfillment of program eligibility requirements apply.

Homeowners can participate by signing up for a Home Wildfire Risk Assessment and letting your Assessor know that you would like to participate in the WIIN grant. 
Are you curious what recommendations you might receive? Learn about Colorado State Forest Service guidelines here and see grant guidelines here. Take a property tour with your Assessors and learn how to reduce your wildfire risk. Sign up for an assessment.
Promotional flyer here.

Ready to hire someone to complete your wildfire mitigation? Colorado State Forest Service provides a contractor list. See which contractors have participated in the program to-date. 

Are you a contractor interested in being involved with preparing our community for wildfire and protecting our valuable watershed? Learn program details here.

Thank you to Durango Fire Protection District, EPA and CDPHE for making this grant possible.

Forest restoration projects not only protect water from sedimentation and debris, but also improve forest health and habitat, decrease firefighting costs, and reduce home loss and infrastructure damage. Our goal is to accelerate forest restoration to reduce the threat of severe wildfire, with your assistance, and with collaboratives across our county. Mountain Studies Institute will be installing a water monitoring system on the Florida River. 

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Parcels within this mapped area are eligible for grant funding:

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