Modification of Protection Orders

If you are the victim of a crime and wish to modify a protection order issued by the court, you should print and fill out the following form:
Notice of Victim's Position in Regards to Protection Order.

Please print, complete and fax or bring to our office (no emails accepted) at:

La Plata County Courthouse
District Attorney Office
1060 E. Second Avenue, Suite B10
Durango, CO 81302

After you fill out and return the form to our office, we will file it with the court on your behalf.  Occasionally, the Office of the District Attorney may need to oppose the victim's request if we feel that the victim may be endangered or the request is contrary to the successful prosecution of the case.  If this occurs in your case, please understand we are doing our very best to help ensure that the domestic violence never occurs again and to help protect you and your family.