The sale, purchase, titling, moving or destruction of a manufactured home is  a multi-task process that can be confusing. The goal of this page is to help you through this process.

The process is mapped for you with information and links to forms.

If you do not see what you need here - please contact the Motor Vehicle Department at 970-382-6508 and they will help you to better understand where to begin your process. Manufactured Home Link

La Plata County Department Contact Information:

Assessor's Office: Assists with the tax authentication process and assesses the value of a manufactured home for property tax purposes
(970) 382-6221, located at 679 Turner Dr.,  Durango

Building Department: Issues building permits for a permeant foundation; if home is unsafe, can issue a citation and certify the destruction
(970) 382-6250, located at 211 Rock Point Drive, Durango

Clerk & Recorder: Keeps recorded copies of Deeds (for an affixed home), Affidavit of Real Property or Certificate of Permanent location.
(970) 382-6283 or (970) 382-6281, located at 679 Turner Dr. Durango

Engineering: Issues permits to move a manufactured home on county roads
(970) 382-6363, located at 1365 Camino del Rio, Durango

Motor Vehicle: Handles all title paperwork and involved with any process involving a mobile home
(970) 382-6502 or (970) 382-6508, located at 679 Turner Dr., Durango

Treasurer:  Collects property tax for manufactured/mobile homes
(970) 382-6352, located at 679 Turner Dr., Durango

Colorado Department of Transportation: Issues permits to move a manufactured home on a state highway

State of Colorado Manufactured Home forms are online.