Filing Your Declaration

Owners of taxable personal property are required to file a declaration schedule due every April 15th. A declaration form is mailed to every known business owner by the end of January of each year. If you did not receive a declaration, contact us or access one here.

Important Reminders:

  • If this is your first time filing, include a complete list of all assets including the year acquired and original installed costs
  • You may attach a Federal Depreciation Schedule to assist you in filing
  • Include everything over $350
  • Fully depreciated personal property must be listed on the declaration
  • If you have filed previously, simply update your listing by crossing off disposed items and adding new assets

Small Business Exemption
If the total value of all of your personal property located in La Plata County is less than $52,000, you are exempt from personal property tax. However, if your business is new or you have never filed a declaration please submit a complete listing of your personal property. This is the only way the Assessor can confirm your exempt status.

Failure to File
If a declaration is not provided to the Assessor’s office, a value will be assigned based upon the Best Information Available (BIA). The only way a BIA value can be adjusted is through the protest process in June. Per Colorado case law, this value cannot be adjusted when you receive your tax bill.

You will be notified of your value on the Notice of Valuation mailed every June 15.

Declaration Schedules
Factors and Tables