Assessor Data Files

DISCLAIMER: The basic property information contained on this site has been compiled from La Plata County Assessor files. The data is subject to the constraints of Colorado law and is maintained within the legal and personnel restrictions of the Assessor's office. All of the data may not be current based on the statutory requirements of the office. The La Plata County Assessor’s Office maintains a bedroom count exclusively for its own ad valorem valuation purposes and this bedroom count should not be relied on for any other purpose.  Similarly, other property inventory data collected and maintained by the La Plata County Assessor’s Office is exclusively for its own ad valorem classification and valuation purposes and should be independently verified for reliability prior to use for any other purpose.

To download Assessor Office Datasets open our file send service below and navigate to the 'datafiles' folder:


PASSWORD (lowercase): laplatacounty

About our Data:
The data is in a Microsoft Access database and is derived from the La Plata County Assessor’s property information system. The data is provided in 2 different ways. The file asrdata table is a single table of real estate property only, which has one line for each Assessor's property account number. All property types are included in the other tables which contain more detailed information on each account and can be used in a relational database to link data on account number or parcel number. A list of these files with a description of the fields of data can be found in the Excel file named Files_Fields.xls.

Individual properties are identified by both an Assessor’s account number and a map parcel number. Ownership information includes name and mailing address. Property location is provided by the subdivision or condominium designation, site address and legal description. The legal description may not be complete. Property characteristics include land use, building architectural style, abstract code, building code, bedrooms, baths, stories, units and year built. In the asrdata table, the deed information is for the most recent document recorded. Saledata contains recorded documents in the Assessor's database since 1993. Both actual value and assessed value are included separately for land classed property and improvement classed property (structures). Property size is presented in acres or square feet. The tax area district identification number determines the mill levy for the property.