Personal Cultivation

La Plata County allows for the personal cultivation of marijuana in accordance with state laws. 

For recreational grows (no physician-issued medical card), the plant count is limited to 12 plants per residential property (regardless of the number of individuals residing on the residential property) and for medical marijuana patients with a physician-issued  medical card or their primary caregivers, the plant count is no more than 24 plants per residential property. Note: the plant count limit per person is limited to 6 plants for recreational cultivation unless a medical patient has an extended plant count. Individuals, patients and caregivers that wish to exceed the limitation imposed on residential property must grow additional plants at another location and obtain appropriate land use permits and/or permissions from the landowner and HOA. All cultivation must be done in an enclosed, locked space.  It is the landlord's right to prohibit marijuana cultivation on a property.

As defined by state law, "residential property" means: "a single unit providing complete independent living facilities for one or more persons, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation." "Residential property" also includes the real property surrounding a structure, owned in common with the structure, that includes one or more single units providing complete independent living facilities. CRS § 18-18-403(3)(c)(III).

View more information on personal cultivation limits set by state statute.

La Plata County prohibits the use of any gases for marijuana extraction or cultivation on personal property.