excellence • professionalism • community partnerships

Mission & Vision


To serve and protect La Plata County with an ongoing commitment to excellence, professionalism and community partnerships.


We will be a leading public safety agency by diligently pursuing excellence and professionalism while reflecting the values of the remarkable Community we serve.  We value our employees and encourage innovation, training, and continued learning by creating a vibrant and motivating culture.  We hire, promote, and develop highly skilled and talented employees. We actively recruit and retain employees with strong character and ethics.  We appreciate and recognize the dedication and hard work of our employees and offer state-of-the-art training, development, and career opportunities.  We gather input and participation from all employees and the Community to continually raise our level of excellence.  We will be good stewards of the resources we have been entrusted with and will earn the trust, respect, and confidence of our Community by treating all persons with compassion and fairness and by honoring the Constitutional Rights of all people


The La Plata County Sheriff's Office is the front line provider of emergency peacekeeping and criminal investigation services for over 50,000 citizens of La Plata County.  The La Plata County Sheriff's office is the largest law enforcement agency in Southwestern Colorado.

Sheriff Sean Smith assumed the duties of Sheriff on January 13, 2015.  Prior to that, Sheriff Smith spent 13 years as a Deputy Sheriff.  He has served as a Law Enforcement Coordinator for the U.S. Department of Justice, a Lieutenant for the La Plata County Sheriff's Office, a Human Services Case Manager, a Corrections Officer, and is a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm.