Multi-Event Center master plan: A future vision

Multi-Event Center master plan: A future vision
Posted on 03/22/2018

La Plata County has an extraordinary opportunity to plan for the future of our community. A generous local benefactor has offered to donate approximately 200 acres on the property that has been known as Ewing Mesa, which rises to the east of the Animas River above Highway 3, to La Plata County for developing a multi-event center within an 800-acre grassy area to be developed as Durango Mesa Park.

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Adjacent to the mesa, the Bureau of Land Management owns approximately 1,500 acres, which includes a network of popular trails beloved by the hiking, biking, running and horseback riding communities.

This mesa will provide an exciting new location for the La Plata County Fairgrounds and related amenities to
create a regional community hub in a multi-event center. The facility would provide trail access for all non-motorized users, outdoor venues for a variety of recreational activities, and serve as an educational and cultural center.

In March 2017, La Plata County contracted with a local team working in close partnership with the Katz family, which owns the property, to lead a master planning process for a multi-event center on the mesa, taking advantage of its location and scenic views. The planning process took place over the spring and summer with completion of the master plan
mid-fall of 2017. 

The multi-event center project will both meet local needs and provide economic opportunities to La Plata County, with additional recreational venues and activities that will attract visitors to the area. These improvements will showcase La Plata County as a regional recreation and event hub and have an extraordinary potential to attract new events to diversify the La Plata County economy while providing tangible recreational benefits to local residents.

Multi-Event Center Plan Supporting Documents
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