Meeting Room Information, Fees and Reservations

Meeting Room Information, Fees and Reservations

La Plata County Government facilities have numberous meeting rooms that are available for public use. Some fees will apply.

All requests for use of the various meeting facilities in the County Administration Building should be directed to:
County Administration Department - 970-382-6210.

All requests for use of the various meeting facilities at the County Fairgrounds should be directed to:
County Fairgrounds - 970-382-6468.

General Information Regarding La Plata County Meeting Rooms

1        The La Plata County meeting rooms are intended to be used by the BOCC and county staff to conduct county business during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. These meeting rooms are often used for official county business outside of regular business hours as well. From time to time, requests are received from civic organizations, non-profit organizations and other community groups to use these meeting rooms for community meetings. Such requests shall be addressed on a case-by-case basis and may be accommodated if the proposed meeting is a public meeting, if it does not conflict with use of the room for county business, and if staffing can be arranged by the General Services Division to open and secure the building. Evening meetings may be arranged to occur on a specified schedule; however,recurring meetings may not be scheduled during regular business hours because to do so could hamper official county business use of the rooms.

2        All requests for use of the various meeting facilities should be directed to the Administration Department 970-382-6210. When an after-hours meeting is scheduled in any County meeting room, the scheduling department shall notify the General Services Division to arrange for coverage.

3         La Plata County reserves the right to terminate or prohibit the use of County meeting rooms, for just cause,to any individual, group or organization.

            Just cause includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Behavior or activities that are disruptive for the general operations of County business
  2. Improper use or prior misuse of county facilities
  3. Failure to abide by the provisions of this policy
  4. Failure to compensate the County for use
  5. Activities that are inconsistent with the public purpose use of the meeting rooms. 

4          The County reserves the right to preempt or cancel meetings or events by outside groups when meeting rooms are necessary to conduct County business. Every attempt will be made to contact the affected parties in a timely fashion.

Fees in Code

County Facility Usage Fees - County Administration Building

If the requested meeting is scheduled between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, there will be no charge to the Outside Party to use the room. If the request is to use the room on a weekend, the Outside Party will be required to pay a fee of $25 per hour with a minimum charge of $50 to cover maintenance costs to open and secure the building. If a county employee will be physically present at the meeting, and assumes responsibility for cleaning the room and securing the facility, then the Director of General Services may waive the fee.  Any Outside Party using the room shall be responsible to ensure that the room is used with care and put back in order following its use.

County Facility Usage Fees - Fairgrounds Facilities:

Effective 2/15/06
Extension building meeting room $13.75/hour
25.00 deposit
138.00 daily max
Extension building meeting room with kitchen 18.70/hour
25.00 deposit
187.00 daily max
Exhibit hall—Full hall 33.00/hour
150.00 deposit
330.00 daily max
Exhibit hall—Full hall with kitchen 50.00/hour
250.00 deposit
500.00 daily max
Exhibit hall—Kitchen 16.50/hour
250.00 deposit
150.00 daily max
Exhibit hall—Meeting rooms 16.50/hour
25.00 deposit
165.00 daily max
Entire exhibit hall (including meeting rooms) 830.00 full day
Ivan Lorenz room 12.50/hour
20.00 deposit
Use of room for set up/take down ½ daily rate if full day, or ½ hourly rate
Pavilion (for exclusive use) 16.50/hour
100.00 deposit/165.00 daily max
Rodeo arena (per rodeo performance) 450.00/rodeo
450.00 daily max
Rodeo arena—By the hour 45.00/hour
90.00 deposit
450.00 daily max
Stalls—4-H 30.00/month
15.00 (old stalls)
50.00 deposit
Stalls—Temporary 11.00/night
(max 7 days)
Camping—Full hook-up (no sewer) 16.50/night
Camping—Dry 11.00/night
Parking vehicles 0.00
Parking trailers 0.00
Durango High School student parking 50.00 flat rate per school year
Manure loading 5.00/load
Non-profit discount 20%
Labor rate—Per employee 22.00/hour
Ball field usage/Adults: < 50 people 55.00
Ball field usage/Adults: 51—100 people 82.50
Ball field usage/Adults: 101—150 people 110.00
Ball field usage/Adults: Each additional 50 people 25.00
Ball field lights 0.00
Equipment off site—Tables (for civic groups and non-profits) 1.00/day per table
25.00 deposit
Equipment off site—Chairs (for civic groups and non-profits)  
Video conference fee 20.00 per hour
Booth space (indoor/outdoor) 15% of booth space sold