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FAQs - Visitors

Marriage FAQ's

Marriage License FAQ’s

Marriage licenses are available from the La Plata County Clerk and Recorder’s office located in Bodo at 98 Everett Street Ste C Durango, Monday through Friday 8:00am- 4:30pm.

When is Secure and Verifiable Identification required?

Secure and Verifiable ID is required to obtain:
• New Titles
• Duplicate Titles (original title issued on or after 07/01/2006)
• New Registrations

VIN Inspection: Where do I get a VIN inspection?

La Plata County Motor Vehicles has an inspector on-site (Durango office only): Those hours are Monday - Friday: 8:00am -11:30am & 12:00pm – 4:00pm.

Notary Public - Does your office have a Notary Public?

Yes, there is a notary at the Clerk & Recorder's Office at 98 Everet Street, Durango.  There is also a notary at the Information Desk at the La Plata County Courthousem, 1060 E 2nd Avenue,

While traveling through the area, What should I prepared for ?

In La Plata County, weather is our biggest daily concern and can change instantly without warning. The high peaks hide incoming threats and temperatures can swing 40 degrees during the day or from town to the ski resort. Carrying extra layers of clothing for all conditions is advisable, as well as storing a blanket, shovel, water and snacks in your car for emergencies. Keep your vehicle in good repair and ready for snow, mud and rain. Watch for deer and elk and other wildlife on the highway.

Sales Tax - What is the sales tax rate in La Plata County?

 Our State Sales Tax rate is 2.9%.  The La Plata County Sales Tax on motor vehicle purchases is based on where you take possession.  If you purchase outside La Plata County the 2% County tax does not apply.  Purchases within La Plata County result in an additional 2% Tax.  If you reside in Durango City limits an additional 3% city sales tax is due.

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