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Strategic Plan - Compass

Compass La Plata County Compass: From Vision to Action!

Our Mission:  To foster a safe, healthy, viable and self-sustaining community through wise stewardship of public and natural resources, efficient and effective delivery of mandated and discretionary services, local and regional collaboration, open, transparent government and active citizen engagement.

Our Vision:

  • We are known as a safe, healthy, and self-sustaining community for people of all ages and one of the best places to raise a family in the nation.
  • We are a model of intergovernmental collaboration, partnership, innovation, and efficiency;
  • We have attained the highest level of satisfaction and confidence of our citizens while respecting our heritage and cultural richness.

Our Strategic Plan Values:

  • Leadership
  • Stewardship
  • Sustainability
  • Regional cooperation
  • Preservation of our heritage
  • Integrity                  

Core Strategies

Economic Vitality

 La Plata County optimized partnerships with other governments and stakeholders to foster a diverse and stable economy.


  • Mitigate economic leakage/support local buying
  • Business attraction, enhancement and retention
  • Workforce development at all levels
  • Enhanced cultural, tourism and environmental attractions
  • Improved technological connectivity
  • Monitor and prioritize tax and funding mechanisms 

Sustainable Development

La Plata County guides sustainable development in a way that is symbiotic with local municipalities, neighborhood
communities and sovereign nations.


  • Support agricultural interests
  • Intentional land use planning
  • Stewardship of water resources to ensure existing and future supplies
  • Mixed use development hubs


La Plata County continues to develop and enhance an efficient multi-modal transportation system that complements our land use strategies.


  • Protect  / maintain existing road & bridge infrastructure
  • Identify system deficiencies and plans to address them
  • Pedestrian / bicycle safety
  • Mitigation of peak hour congestion
  • Sustainable road construction and maintenance practices
  • Reliable alternate modes of transport
  • Improved air service    

Healthy Natural Environment

La Plata County supports the protection and enhancement of healthy natural environments on a local, regional and global scale. 


  • Maintain clean air and water
  • Leadership in energy management and resource conservation
  • Champion best practices in sustainability and climate protection
  • Informed, educated citizens who understand local issues such as living with wildlife and natural hazards such as wildfire and floods
  • Mitigation of extractive industry impacts 


Organization Excellence

La Plata County supports a work environment that values productive employees, progressive personnel practices and continuous workforce development to ensure our services are delivered in an efficient, ethical and responsible manner.


  • High customer satisfaction
  • Well trained and motivated staff
  • User friendly and efficient government services
  • Sufficient, efficient and well functioning facilities
  • Balance competing demands of mandatory and discretionary services
  • Structurally balanced budget (revenues and expenditures) to fulfill existing responsibilities and secure the future of La Plata County 


Thriving Families & Healthy Community

La Plata County strives to maximize the quality of life, well being and potential of all citizens by supporting their efforts to thrive.


  • Adequate, varied, accessible housing options
  • Elder friendly communities
  • Educational, recreational, cultural, and civil opportunities for people of all ages
  • Responsive, innovative public safety
  • Opportunities for youth to stay
  • Accessible health care
  • Supportive services and activities for all family members
Photo La Plata County scenery