Planning Commission certifies new Comprehensive Plan

Planning Commission certifies new Comprehensive Plan
Posted on 03/08/2017

The La Plata County Planning Commission has completed its update of the 2001 Comprehensive Plan, culminating two years of in-depth community effort. At its May 4 meeting, the Planning Commission certified and approved the final document, and presented it to the Board of County Commissioners on May 11.

Review the 2017 La Plata County Comprehensive Plan here.

The La Plata County Comprehensive Plan is an advisory document which establishes a framework for planning in the County. Planning is not intended to be a static, one-time event, but an ongoing process that reflects changing conditions in the community. While the comprehensive plan establishes the framework, the ongoing planning process sets forth the specific actions to carry out the plan so the community can work together to achieve its desired future.

The Comprehensive Plan is advisory and intended to guide planned growth while protecting the environment and enhancing the lives of county residents. The Comprehensive Plan also seeks to recognize diverse perspectives on land use and private property rights expressed by county residents.

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