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The mission of Extension is to provide information and education and to encourage the application of research-based knowledge in response to local, state and national issues affecting individuals, youth, family, businesses, agricultural enterprises and communities of Colorado.

Fall in Durango

Got an insect pest in your garden you can't identify? Having trouble baking at high altitude? Want to learn more about local 4H programs?  Well the La Plata County Extension Office can help you.

Colorado State University Extension, in cooperation with La Plata County, offers informal education in agriculture, horticulture, consumer and family education and 4-H and youth development. The Extension Office can provide information and documented research on subjects relating to living and working in La Plata County.
Information is available at your request on numerous subjects, either through contact with the agents of La Plata County or electronically at Colorado State University Extension.

Trees and Tree Care for Southwest Colorado

Monday, March 11, 2019 - 9 am to 4 pm
Durango Public Library, 1900 E. 3rd Ave., Durango, CO, 81301
Sponsored by Colorado State University Extension, La Plata County

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treesTrees and Tree Care for Southwest Colorado - Agenda
– Vince Urbina - TNT: Trees and Targets - The first step in any tree risk assessment program is to identify targets that could be impacted by tree or tree part failure.  The second step, identify the parts of the tree that could fail and impact a target.

10-11am – David Temple (with Vince, if appropriate) – Techniques for Managing Shrubs – care for shrubs in public and private spaces is very different depending on type, microclimate, water needs, and purpose. This will be an overview on the best techniques for pruning and management of shrubs, both woody and perennial.

11am to 12pm– Vince Urbina – Basic Fruit Tree Pruning – focus will be on backyard apples and peaches but will also discuss apricots and sweet cherries. SW Colorado has an impressive rural and urban forest of fruit trees however we are seeing many of them get beyond the point of homeowners, and even tree professionals, knowing the best way to get them back to a manageable size and still produce quality fruit.

12pm – lunch

1-2pm – David Temple – Pruning in the Orchard – topic will be similar to the ‘Basic Fruit Tree Pruning’ presentation however, this presentation will focus more on pruning and training trees for production. With the increased interest in local fruit for consumption and for cider, we are seeing a greater need for training on how to work these trees.

2-3pm – Jeff Wagner – Strategies for Learning Woody Plants: Study of Trees and Shrubs in Colorado - Oftentimes we overlook our surrounding forests and take our trees for granted. Our climate is challenging for the cultivation of trees and the fact that our city forest is as large, diverse, and mature as it is a testament to the dedication and skill of our city foresters and the commitment Durango has made to its trees. For most of the past century, the Front Range has had the largest influence on urban forestry in the state. The Four Corners is distinct enough in many ways that we can learn from the Front Range experience and apply our own to our community’s urban and native forests.

3-4pm – David Temple – Pruning and Care of Young Trees – it is imperative that homeowners and tree/landscape professionals understand how important it is to have a structurally strong tree in the landscape. This presentation will discuss the first steps needed to be taken when a trees is planted.


Vince Urbina: Urban and Community Forestry Specialist with Colorado State Forest Service

David Temple: Board Certified Master Arborist and owner of Trees of Trails Canyon

Jeff Wagner: Certified Nursery Professional

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Darrin Parmenter– Extension Director

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